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Succession Management Planning

NASA Headquarters Succession Management Planning

Succession Management Planning Consulting Services are now available to NASA Headquarters corporate organizations through a one-on-one consulting process, beginning in January 2005.  This is a very exciting opportunity for NASA Headquarters to focus systemically on helping organizations gain the edge in work force effectiveness and ensuring uninterrupted continuity in work force capabilities.  This is particularly important in critical human capital performance areas.  The Headquarters Succession Management Planning Program is specifically customized for this purpose. 

HQ Succession Planning Model
While traditional succession planning programs are aimed at executives only, the NASA Headquarters Succession Management Planning model reaches further into the organization by focusing on critical key performance areas.  This technique facilitates a better methodology for understanding where future talent will come from and how we can retain our high potential employees so as not to interrupt continuity in organizational performance.  Gaining the edge means ensuring the recruitment and retention of a talented and diverse work force, and, then continuously honing human capital knowledge, work force capabilities and competencies, as well as aligning these areas with the organization's strategic goals, performance metrics, and work force compensation.  The model is comprised of five component phases, beginning with the:

  • Conduct of a Human Capital and Organizational Business Scan,

  • Determination of Critical Performance Areas and Conducting a human capital work force gap analysis,

  • Creation and communication of the organization's succession management plan, based upon the data and information review resulting from Phases 1 and 2,

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Organization's Succession Management Plan after a designated period of time,

  • Conducting a System Feedback and Lessons Learned Review so as to update and/or modify the Plan on a periodic basis.

The Headquarters Succession Management Planning model facilitates the creation of a tailored work force assessment profile, a succession management strategic plan, implementation plan, a communication plan and a performance metrics evaluation feedback review.

Chart depicting Succession Management Planning Consulting Model


HQ Succession Planning Consulting Process
Through an internal consulting process, the NASA Headquarters Succession Planning Consulting Team will work with NASA corporate organizations. This team is comprised of representative consultants from the Headquarters Human Resources Management Division, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management Division, Career Management Office, and the Headquarters Training Office.  Its role is to provide NASA offices with timely, organization-specific consulting services that fall within the constructs of NASA human capital management. Through succession planning, your organization will be more positioned to:

  • Determine where to concentrate needed resources that yield the greatest flexibility for meeting current and future performance requirements;
  • Acknowledge and prepare for retirements, voluntary separations, market conditions;
  • Proactively respond to stakeholder needs and work requirements;
  • Prepare for changes in the Agency and your organization's mission;
  • Ensure that the organization is viable and positioned for future needs;
  • Build internal employee and organizational competencies and capabilities; and
  • Adjust readily to the changing work and political environment.

For More Information or Consulting Services
If you have any questions regarding succession management planning for the Corporate Offices of NASA Headquarters, please contact:

Kim Haney-Brown at 202-358-0433
Lead for Headquarters Corporate Leadership and Organization Development

We believe such planning is a valuable and necessary human capital management tool vital to the success of NASA.


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